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Strategy One

Transform Pearl Street into "Avenue of the Arts"

“The Avenue to the Arts will reinterpret Pearl Street as a unifying connection across multiple neighborhoods. With a unique character consistent along its entire length, it will signify to users that the street serves a special purpose in uniting Downtown via the arts”

1 Pearl Street

Broad Goals for Pearl Street
  1. ​Wide, accessible sidewalks that balance pedestrian safety, environmental health, and support a mix of commercial and institutional uses.
  2. Traffic calming that reduces the risk of harm at street crossings and improves pedestrian comfort
  3. Development control that encourages sunlight to support a well shaded environment and a unique low scale feeling.
  4. Public Art that engages and entices visitors to the Dallas Arts District.
Street Trees and Shade

Recommended Species

  • Cedar Elm

  • Live Oak

  • Red Maple

Placement and density of tree cover:

  • Single row of trees lining each side of the street.

  • Max distance 25 feet

  • Minimum growth diameter is 30 feet at maturity

Underground utility requirements:

  • - 600 cubic feet of soil minimum for each tree

  • - Minimum of 3 feet depth

  • - Underground irrigation required

  • - Open plant beds or supported paving structures (Silva Cell)


Minimum widths:
- 8 feet minimum widths between obstructions for primary pedestrian paths
Approved materials:
- Exposed aggregate concrete paving, broom finished concrete paving or concrete unit pavers required with ADA compliant surfaces
- Asphalt block pavers @ crosswalks edged with concrete edging bands
- Existing granite pavers will be removed and repurposed
Engineering Requirements:
- Maximum allowed cross slopes of 2%
- Recommended porous pavers in non-walking areas with suitable substrate for absorption of rain water



Placement, spacing, and heights:
- Pedestrian lighting added to existing poles at lower level (+12’) see illustration
Approved Poles and Fixtures:
- Match existing poles white piles; replace or add new fixtures as needed to meet requirements
Lamping requirements:
- Retrofit existing HID light fixtures with new energy saving LED fixtures
Street Furniture:
Approved public seating:
- Landscape Forms selections TBD or equal
Approved trash receptacles:
- Landscape Forms selections TBD or equal
Private Outdoor Seating:
- Moveable outdoor seating for restaurant use
- Painted steel or aluminum posts with painted perforated aluminum panels or IPE wood slatesto add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

2 Flora Street
Ross Avenue
District Connectors
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